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David Halberstam, The Children
Irving Stone, The Origin
Tom Wolfe, Bonfire of the Vanities
William H. Dana, 2 Years Before the Mast
Bill Russell, Go Up for Glory
Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore
T. Harry Williams, Huey Long
Robert Caro, The Power Broker
John Wooden, My Personal Best
David Halberstam, The Coldest Winter
Gerde Weissman Klein, All But My life
Edward Dolnick, Down the Great Unknown
Stephen Ambrose, Undaunted Courage
Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs
David Axelrod, Believer
Ashley Vance, Ellon Musk
Phil Knight, Shoe Dog
Jane Mayer, Dark Money
John Fogerty, Fortunate Son
Robert Greenfield, Bill Graham Presents
Shep Gordon, Supermensch
Peter Cozzens, The Earth is Weeping
Eric Weiner, The Geography of Genius,
Rinker Buck, The Oregon Trail
Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Coach Wooden and Me
Road to Valor, The Gino Bartali Story
The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner
The Majesty of Calmness, William George Jordan
It Can't Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis
The Sympathizer, Viet Thanh Nguten
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yoval Harari
Al Franken, Giant of the Senate,
Tiger Head Snake Tails: China Today, How it Got There, and Where it is Heading,
Jonathan Fenby
The Everything Store, The Age of Amazon,
Brad Stone, 
The Immortal Irishman, Timothy Egan,
The Underground Railroad, Coleman Whitehead,
Play Bigger, Christopher Lochhead,
The Wildness Within, Kenneth Brower
The Golden House, Salmon Rushdie
Eat The Apple, Matt Young
Ecotopia, Ernest Callenbach
Season of the Witch, David Talbot
The Gates of the Alamo, Stephen Harrigan, 
Mother American Night, John Perry Barlow, and Robert Greenfield,
The Silk Roads, A New History of the World, Peter Frankopan,
Testimony, Robbie Robertson,
Sticky Fingers: The Jann Wenner Story, Joe Hagan,
How to Change Your Mind, Michael Pollan,
The Good Rain, Timothy Egan,
The Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown,
Born Standing Up, Steve Martin,
Zucked, Roger McNamee,
Born a Crime, Trevor Noah,
Be Fearless, Jean Case,
The Wizard of Foz, Dick Fosbury,
The Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher, Timothy Egan,
Quiet Kingmaker of Las Vegas: E. Parry Thomas, Jack Sheehan,
Trillion Dollar Coach, Eric Schmidt,
The World Without Us, Alan Weisman
American Wasteland, Jonathan Bloom,
Sagan, Peter Sagan,
The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger,
A Pilgrimage To Eternity, Timothy Egan

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