Grateful Dead Video for Epic Tour PDF 

You know Bill Walton is one of the ultimate Deadheads. The fact that he’s narrating a video promoting the Grateful Dead Epic Tour, which allows voters to determine 10 classic Dead shows to be shown next year as part of an online Deadstravaganza, should surprise no one. Additionally, this is The Grateful Dead we’re talking about, so the fact that the video Walton’s narrating seems as though it was specifically designed for people under the influence of certain substances shouldn’t come as a shock either.

In fact, at first we were surprised by how tame it was. Old album covers, old concert photos – this was nothing. And then, at the 17-second mark, things took a turn for the stoner…er:

Grateful Dead Video on You Tube

We think even a few hippies watched that video and screamed “Get a job!” at their monitors. Yes, the dancing bears are part of Grateful Dead lore, but the sudden shift to animation while Walton urges viewers to “transform yourself into a dancing bear!” still caught us off guard. Also – and maybe this is beside the point – we finished the video having not much more clue what the Grateful Dead Epic Tour was than we did when we started.

But yeah, that probably was beside the point, because besides extremely weird and maybe not all that helpful from an informational standpoint, something else that video was: wildly entertaining. The colors. The bears. The Walton. It’s a trippy paradise. Speaking of, if you happen to be partaking in any of those substances we mentioned earlier in this post, and find yourself staring at that screengrab we put at the top…you’re welcome.

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