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(The Denver, ABC 7, 1/12)


Does the name Bill Walton sound familiar? Think basketball. Yeah, that Bill Walton. Here's today's fun fact: Bill and his wife Lori raised two CCI pups! Their first, Loma, graduated in August 2003 and their second, Shasta, was chosen as a breeder. Shasta had a total of 35 pups, one of whom was Tommy, a Denver CCI pup who graduated and is working as a Facility Dog.

Small world, no? Shasta is retired now, living the good life with Bill and Lori in San Diego

Besides CCI, Bill and Lori support other charities, including the Challenged Athletes Foundation. And here's the really cool part: Bill has partnered with Charity Buzz to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation via an online auction. If you win, you get to create your own special event with Bill at his San Diego home.

Bill said, "Please check (Challenged Athletes Foundation) out, it is the best thing that I have ever done in and with my life."

According to Charity Buzz, the winning bidder can "Bring your family, your team, your company, your organization -- or all of them -- for the time of your life that includes everything---and Bill too. This action-packed, fun-filled extravaganza of a lifetime will include sports of all kinds, music, food, entertainment, and everything else that goes on in Bill’s life and all at his long-time home, which is quite the showcase. And as with all things Bill, you just never know where it will lead."

Wow! Some fun, huh? I bet that if the puppy raisers pooled their money they could win, and surely CCI pups would be welcomed at the event. In fact, I think the event should be FOR CCI pups! Special treats, a swimming pool, dock diving, lots of tennis balls and toys, an agility course and pony rides. OK, maybe not the pony rides, but certainly everything else!

I'm off to organize the puppy raisers because there's not much time; the auction closes January 31 at 3:00 PM EST. Wish me luck.

Chow for now!


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