Our Greater San Diego Vision - FINAL PUSH! PDF 

Greetings Bill,

As you may know, I am Chair of Our Greater San Diego Vision.  As a community leader and one of “my personal contacts” in San Diego, I’m asking that you join me in reaching out to your employees, personal and professional network(s) to urge them to go online and help shape a vision for our future!

To make this nearly effortless for you, I will be following this email with one titled “CHOOSE NOW - Voice Your Choice!” that is completely customized for your use.  All you need to do is open it and forward it to everyone in your network.  It’s simple and extremely helpful to our efforts in reaching our community!

This is an unprecedented effort in Civic Engagement. We already have over 12,000 participants who have completed over 35,000 modules in the “choosing” process.

Time is of the essence as the choosing closes on January 31st.   We really need your final push and encouragement to ensure as many voices are heard as possible.

Bill, I want to thank you in advance for your participation and for helping to spread the word about our campaign. By engaging your personal contacts we can make a difference in our collective future!

Thanks and Best Regards!!


Bill Geppert, Chair

Our Greater San Diego Vision

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