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As some of you may be aware, I am a member of the Plaza de Panama Committee, formed by Dr. Irwin Jacobs with the goal to reclaim Balboa Park’s public spaces for pedestrians in time for the park’s Centennial Celebration in 2015.  We are working to implement the Plaza de Panama project to realize this goal.  The proposed project provides an alternate route for vehicles that bypasses the heart of the park, allowing the Plaza de Panama, Plaza de California, West El Prado, Esplanade and Pan American Road to be reclaimed for pedestrians as originally intended. What are now traffic thoroughfares and parking lots will be transformed into plazas and promenades that better realize the remarkable Balboa Park experience.

As someone who cares about San Diego, I am writing to ask you to take a few minutes to learn about the project. On our website,, you can view a video about the project that provides the historical context that inspired the project’s design along with computer animation to show you what Balboa Park can become when the project is completed.  You can also view an e-book that provides a concise summary of the project elements along with images of the plazas today and what they could look         like in 2015.

If, after learning about the project, you agree that this is a tremendous opportunity for Balboa Park and our city, I ask you to share your support by endorsing the project on our website(  You can also share your support with friends, family and colleagues and encourage their participation.  This support will be tremendously helpful as we move         forward to ask the City Council to approve the project in Summer 2012.  With your help we can realize this important project and set the stage for the next 100 years in Balboa Park.

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Kristen McDade Byrne
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