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By Jared Mintz,, Published: 7th Sep 12 2:17 pm

“Throw it down big man!” is back! After a two-year hiatus from adding his unique commentary to basketball games, NBA Hall-of-Famer and UCLA legend Bill Walton will bring his catch-phrases and positive energy back to the broadcast booth, calling games for ESPN and the Pac-12 networks.

According to NBC Sports, Walton made the following comment in regards to his return to the basketball broadcasting world: “Pride and loyalty are the driving emotions in my life and what could be better than what we have here. The West is The Best. Tradition. Environment. Demographics: We have it all!! Let’s go to college!!! Let’s play ball!!! Let’s chase our dreams!!! Here we go!!!”

The three-time Naismith College Player of the Year did color-commentary most recently for the NBA on ESPN (and ABC) from 2002 through 2009, he also called college games on occasion. Walton took his act to ESPN after serving double-duty for the Los Angeles Clippers and NBC Sports for 12 years, breaking into broadcasting just a couple of years after retiring from the NBA.

Walton left the booth in 2009 to rehab several severe back issues, proving that the guy couldn’t stay healthy even when he stepped off the hardwood.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m personally stoked for Walton’s blunt opinions on players, refs, and of course, Shaquille O’Neal. I find Walton to be one of the best color commentary guys in the business, as he has so much experience playing the game at a high-level, and is never shy to share his honest opinions on the game he’s watching, as well as the game of life.

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