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Some of you may have seen posts about next weekend on Facebook, so apologies if you already know about The Lancelot Ride, the dinner on Saturday night and the Lancelot Auction.  If not, please read on.

A group of Lance's friends in San Diego have got together to put on a fundraising cycling event called The Lancelot Ride next weekend.  It's a two day cycling event in Temecula, CA.  Anyone can sign up and there are routes from 40 miles to 105 miles, something for every type of rider.

This is going to be a really fun event, starting and finishing on the Saturday at Lake Skinner, with a picnic lunch, free massage, live music and all sorts of fun activities, and on Sunday starting and finishing at Monte De Oro winery with a buffet lunch, wine tasting and live band from 2pm.

What's this for?  Well, after seeing that 'Team Lance' somehow managed to ride from San Francisco to San Diego (twice!) on his current tandem bike (that breaks pretty much every day in some fashion and weighs over 70lbs) we decided that it was time to get Team Lance into a new tandem bike that wouldn't hold them back from going further and faster in 2014 (the sky's the limit right?).  So, we got together and came up with the idea of The Lancelot Ride to raise the funds to buy a new bike for him.

You can find out more about the Lancelot Ride HERE

Please come and join us for whatever component of the weekend you are able.  You can register to ride Saturday or Sunday or both, or just come for dinner on Saturday night, or just join us at the winery on Sunday for lunch and wine tasting.

If you aren't able to join us next weekend you can still take part in The Lancelot Auction.  This is an online auction and anyone can bid on the items.  We have some amazing prizes including a set of hand built wheels worth $1099, a night at Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa worth $750, lunch with Chief Shelley Zimmerman (San Diego Chief of Police), a flat screen television, Grateful Dead collectors package and more things being added every day.

You can see auction items HERE

We estimate that the new bike is going to cost around $15,000 but we're hoping to blow through that goal and have some money left over that we can give Lance for a new adapted vehicle too.  After all, there's no point having a nice bike and not being able to drive to awesome locations to ride it.   During this event planning we've realized that not only does Lance's tandem bike break a lot, so does his car!

Thanks for sticking with this email, it's a long one!  We look forward to seeing some of you next weekend to give back to a wonderful friend who inspires us all every day just by being himself.

Jo Panzera.  CCSD.   (917) 355-1317

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